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Young Creative: Let's Do Things Differently

Purpose of the Conference was to highlight the role of creativity in a practical life. To demonstrate how it helps to develop towns or regions. To talk about motivations for young people so they better use their creative potential in everyday life and at work. To inspire them with good practices from abroad. It was the first conference of Generation 2020 project.

In September 2015 with our partners, we launched the implementation of the major cross-border project Generation 2020. The project is financed by Norwegian funds and the state budget as part of the SK08 Cross Border Cooperation Programme. 

We believe that creativity has its place in all areas of life, not only in culture. Creativity in everyday life helps people to see things with different eyes and open up to new opportunities and cooperation. 

The aim of the project is to mobilize and develop the personality of young people by supporting their own voluntary creative projects. The project will also foster the involvement of youth in local and regional development and cross-border youth cooperation. 

Generation 2020 will help to create an innovative platform of young people with an interest in public affairs, the decision-making process and their own development. This network will be created on the basis of skill transfers from the Norwegian project partner, the Barents Youth Council. 

The target group is young people from Transcarpathian Ukraine and Eastern Slovakia – high school and college/university students or unemployed people aged 15 to 30 years. The secondary target group is adult participants in the project- teachers, artists and professionals in the cultural and creative industries. 

The main aim of the project is to create a cross-border group of young activists – the Carpathian regional youth council which will be the bearer of the vision of the project in the future. The Carpathian Foundation will continue after the end of the council project to support and work on involving local and regional institutions in youth work.  
Among the activities of the project are:

• Creative Days in Košice and in Uzhhorod with the aim of identifying local and regional needs which can be met only in cooperation with local or regional institutions. These are networking events focused on creating contacts and partnerships. The results of the Creative Days will be Creative Tasks for young participants in the project, who use them to decide how to solve real problems in local administration, schools, public institutions, etc. 
• Educational activities and training in soft skills for young people as support from professionals in solving chosen creative projects.
• Residence Slovakia–Ukrainian internship for artists. 

The Generation 2020 Project are funded by Norway Grants within the Cross-border Cooperation Program SK08.

                              Slovakia – Ukraine: Cooperation across the Border


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