Michal Hladký
3 min

Introducing Košice 2013 as Creative Industry Košice NPO

Even as Creative Industry Košice we will continue to strive to make Košice a place for a great life.

The non-profit organization that you have known so far under the name of Košice 2013 n.o., from 3rd September of 2015, was renamed as Creative Industry Košice, n.o.

We decided to do so because we think that the time has come also for our own growth and one of the steps that we want to show consistent work and future direction is to change the name of our organization.

For more than six years, the non-profit organization Košice 2013 was devoted to the development of projects and activities associated with the title of European Capital of Culture, for which the city of Košice prepared from 2008. Many of these projects still exist, operate and are developing, whether under our leadership, or through partner organizations.

We will continue to proudly belong to the development of activities and projects implemented thanks to the project of the European Capital of Culture 2013, and to your support and cooperation. We want to establish ourselves as an organization that helps advance the culture and creative industries at the local, national and international levels.

Thank you for existing support and cooperation. We look forward to a successful future from now as Creative Industry Košice, NPO.

Michal Hladký,
Director of
Creative Industry Košice 

In 2008, the city of Košice, as the first in Slovakia, with the project Interface 2013 gained the prestigious title of the European Capital of Culture. In the years of preparation, the non-profit organization team worked mainly on the programme, project development and many cultural activities. Gradually it worked on making the city open to a dialogue for further functioning of the project. The aim was to draw in cooperation from all stakeholders that can contribute to success. This means especially transformation of the cultural, social and economic environment which was characterized by creativity and innovative ideas, but also broadening and deepening public interest in culture and the arts. 

The crucial message of the project and a new vision of the city of Košice was at that time to encourage creativity. We now want to see Košice as a centre of creativity and a new future for young creative people who want to stay and live and work in the city that is their home.

From the project Košice 2013 - European Capital of Culture there came out two new organizations at the beginning of 2014. One of them is K13 - Košice cultural centres and the other is the original Košice 2013 that is just now changing to Creative Industry Košice (CIKE).

Our ongoing and future projects are oriented towards the professionalism of creative industries. We also focus on the support of local creative economy; we connect artists and creative people with the private sector and find them the relevant contacts with foreign countries. We continue to develop dialogue with towns and regions in order to create and comment on strategic documents in the field of culture and creative industries.

Even as CIKE we will continue to strive to make Košice a place for a great life. We’re helping to change the environment for the development of talent and its application. Thanks to our local and international activities, cooperation, contacts and supporters we connect talent with the city and the world.